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Calgary Humane Society (SPCA)

4455 - 110 Ave SE, Calgary, AB

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This shelter is dedicated to connecting lives while helping to protect precious pets.



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Cross Street | 110 Avenue SE and 42 Street


Mon-Fri: 8AM-7PM (adoption opens 11AM) Sat-Sun: 10AM-5PM

Profile Last Updated: February 14, 2008

Animal Lovers
A non-profit organization that has survived and thrived for several generations, the Calgary Humane Society was founded in 1922 with just a single inspector. Today, the group offers a full-service veterinary clinic for shelter animals, educational programs and a post-adoption support system, developed thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and partnerships with other animal lovers.

Doors Open
Calgary Humane Society aspires to lead the way and set standards of excellence for the humane treatment of animals, whatever the context of their interaction with humans. The organization is the only one in Calgary that does not turn animals away, keeping their doors open for any animal that needs their services. The resources are focused on getting pets spayed and neutered, promoting animal adoption and providing obedience training to cats and dogs requiring it. The society’s Creature Comforts store carries dishes, toys, books, food, kitty litter and litter boxes, grooming supplies, cleaning products and other everyday necessities.

Tireless Effort
Services provided by the Calgary Humane Society include care for sick, injured, homeless and unwanted animals. The first shelter was built in 1960 to accommodate 2,500 animals a year, but demand grew to require a building many times that original size. The current facility, opened in 2006, includes acres of exercise space for dogs, roomy kennels and suites for cats, and other superior accommodation for animals. The society continues to tirelessly work toward the aim of preventing and suppressing cruelty that takes forms ranging from physical abuse to neglect, from misuse in entertainment to trapping and factory farming.