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Providing pets and their owners with all of the products, information and education needed to ensure a lasting, loving relationship.



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Caring for your furry friends
Look to the folks at Petland to provide all of the information you need to make life with your pet a fulfilling, fun and enriching experience. Whether you’re looking to add a second pet to your family or searching for a first furry companion, look no further. The knowledgeable staff at Petland can help you choose the type of dog, cat, feathered friend or fish that is perfect for your family and lifestyle. They have all of the information that you need to help decide between different breeds of animals, fish and reptiles. They can make sure that you go home with a companion that everyone will fall in love with.

Supplying your pet’s needs
Petland looks after all of your pet’s needs. They can help select the appropriate food for the animals in your family, whether they have special dietary needs or just a favourite flavour. All of their entertainment needs can be met here, as well. Bring your dog along for a shopping trip and let them pick out their next favourite squeaky or tug toy. Feline friends can choose from a number of stuffed playmates and tree houses. Even your fish has options when it comes to what goes in the tank. Training equipment is readily available, along with expert advice on how to use it.

A community of pets
More than 95,000 pets have been adopted through Petland’s Adopt-A-Pet program. Working with local animal shelters, animal rescue groups and members of the community, the caring folks at these stores place homeless pets with loving individuals and families. They are committed to educating the public on pet population control and all animals that are adopted through their store receive initial vaccinations and are checked for health issues.


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