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Tobogganing in Calgary

Various locations, Calgary, AB

Instead of sitting around watching the mercury drop, grab that old crazy carpet and hit the slopes for some free winter fun.



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The basics
There are plenty of good, safe hills to conquer with that toboggan you're storing in the basement, so pull it out, dust it off and head for the hills. Here's a guide to some of the most popular toboggan hills in Calgary to test out the crazy carpet, sled or inner tube, but don't forget to bring your helmet and protect your head while you're having fun.

Confederation Park, 2800 - 10 St NW (north side of park, immediately west of Rosemont Community Centre)
St. Andrews Heights, 2504 - 13 Ave NW
Edgemont Joint Site (Edgemont Dr & John Laurie Blvd NW)
Hawkwood Pond – Hawkwood Hill NW

Calgary Marlborough Dry Pond, 636 Marlborough Way NE
Deerfoot Athletic Park, 14 Ave & 16A St NE
Laycock Park, Blackthorn Rd NE (northwest section of park)
Marlborough Park Dry Pond, 6021 Madigan Dr NE
Monterey Park, Catalina Blvd & California Blvd NE (northeast corner only)
Prairie Winds Park, 223 Castleridge Blvd NE (central hill)
Rundle Dry Pond, 2400 - 50 St NE

Canyon Meadows Community Cantabrian Dr SW
Glendale Community, 45 St & 25 Ave SW
Glendale Park, 22 Ave & 45 St SW
Kingsland Dry Pond, Heritage Dr SW (behind Rose Kohn/Jimmy Condon arenas)
Richmond Green, 33 Ave & 25 St SW Sacramento Dry Pond, Sacramento Dr & 104 Ave SW
Scarboro, 15 Ave & 15 St SW
Sirocco Joint Site, Sirocco Dr & Signal Hill Heights SW
Stanley Park, 4011 - 1A St SW
Strathcona, 277 Strathcona Dr SW
West Glamorgan, 4207 - 41 Ave SW

Elliston Park, 2020 - 60 St SE
Erin Woods Park, Erin Woods Dr SE
Fish Creek Escarpment, Midnapore site SE
Maple Ridge Dry Pond, Maple Glade Close SE
Valleyview Regional Park, 28 St & 30 Ave SE


More Information: Call 268-CITY (2489)